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fighterSUPPORT SERVICE INTERNATIONAL (SSI) is a Defense and Aerospace sustainment partner. We leverage proprietary technology to provide spare parts and engineering solutions to maintain and extend the life cycle of military platforms.

Located in Muscat, OMAN, SSI is 100% Omani owned Military, Aviation Support Company in Oman.

Our Company assists governments, militaries and prime contractors in Sultanate of OMAN with their immediate, long-term and project based spare parts requirements

We are support many types of Military Land Vehicles for an indefinite period .,OEM and Aftermarket rel ationships, blueprint and specification databases and can foreseeable continue to support the maintenance and repair operations for an extended period on many types of Land Platforms. SSI has empirically reduced life cycle costs by simplifying and managing the supply of spare parts.

We are under Ministry Of Defense (MOD) in OMAN permission on 19-Nov-2011 and are legally authorized to participate all MOD requirements.



We provide a broad range of products & services to meet the demands of our government customers.

Commitment to quality, prompt response, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction has resulted in it being a premier spares, logistic, maintenance and engineering support provider for air & ground based equipment.